by Sally Dominguez 

"EPIC Resilience: Levelling Up Human Potential"

Award-winning inventor and futurist who specializes in levelling up human potential. Sally is faculty at Singularity University as thought leader in exponential and innovative mindsets and teaches her EPIC Resilience and Adventurous Thinking strategies at Stanford University, Startse, Singularity and with organisations around the world.  She is a sustainable resilience advisor to IKEA and other future-forward organizations. She works as a vision-based strategist, a transportation/convergence innovator and, in the past, as an innovation judge on television. 

Mark Pesce, Futurist, Speaker, Inventor, Multiple Award-Winning Author and Podcaster, Educator and Entrepreneur.

Our Guest speakers

Cindy Montgenie, Recipient of the “Woman Entrepreneur in mentorship award of the year 2019”, and future of work and impostor syndrome expert. 

Her book EPIC Resilience:Thriving Through Chaos and Change is informing a new education strategy for Australia and the USA and is being launched in the USA and Latin America as an inclusive corporate strategy for growth.

Develop the habit of thinking in the zone of bearable discomfort and learn to toggle between expertise and possibility thinking with Sally Dominguez and the EPIC Team.


Get personalized coaching with Sally and the team to ensure you develop the EPIC habits of adventurous thinking and curiosity.


Learn how to lead and strategize with the new Fourth Revolution metrics: Purpose, Trust and Transparency.

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